Sunday, April 25, 2010

22. Take a Workshop

This was the most creative weekend I have had in a LONG time... (play play play) ...And I needed it. I miss learning, experimenting with new materials and speaking about my processes with groups of other artists. Lying awake last night thinking about the possibilities and compositions for the next class it reminded me of the highs I used to get in school and college when a new material or technique would present itself. The workshop I took was Encaustics with Photo Transfer taught by Linda Soberman at Hollander's in Ann Arbor. It was fantastic. Encaustics has been a medium I have been dying to experiment for three or four years now and photo transfers have opened up a whole new technique that will lend itself to my future projects. Texture, depth and color are completely different in these medias and each one of my pieces tried different combinations of the transfers and wax. See for yourself:


Mandy said...

Oh, that is beautiful! So glad you got to play student again...I know I'm sometimes nostalgic for that part of my life.

p.s. thought of you today -- I took the girls over to Kendall this afternoon to see some artwork! They were very impressed!

Aaron Bobzien said...

very nice

Aaron Bobzien said...
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