Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Crossing off a big one! #12

It all started back about five years ago with the movies Girl in the Cafe and Heima - a film by Sigur Ros.  Then Design*Sponge did a few Iceland Roundups...

The rest was history, I was smitten with Iceland.  Natural wonders around every corner, volcanoes, hot springs, waterfalls and glaciers. I'll let the photographs speak for themselves:

Many thanks to Dylan for following me to my dream destination.  And it wouldn't have been the same without Ben, Mike, the Pajero and the black licorice candy.  Until we meet again Iceland...


Alli said...

Looks amazing! I'd be interested to learn more, for example how long did you go, did you go with a tour group or on your own, where did you visit, what did you see, etc. I'm hoping to get to Iceland next year and would love some tips!

Thanks :)

Brittany (Two if by Sea Studios) said...

We stayed for two nights in a hotel in Reykjavik and explored the city. We then rented a car (from http://www.geysir.is/main.html) and headed south east from the capital staying in various places with Icelandic Farm Holidays (http://www.farmholidays.is/). We did the open vouchers with them since it wasn't full on high season yet and showing up each evening at the farms was feasible as it wasn't so crowded. We saw a lot of the large attractions like Gulfoss and Geysir, we did a puffin excursion, hit all the big waterfalls along the coast - but mainly we just drove from town to town stopping where ever we thought looked cool. It was amazing having 22 hours of daylight and some of the best adventures took place after 10 PM with late night drives.

Blue Lagoon is also a must-see and we also did an ice climbing excursion through Icelandic Mountain Guides (http://www.mountainguides.is/).

Total the trip was one full week and we could have stayed for two more to see everything. Actually, we could have stayed forever we loved it so much.

If you are interested in any of the specific farms we stayed at or other information shoot me an email!

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