Sunday, September 5, 2010

Creative Caffeine

I've had a pretty awesome week, how about you?  Get ready this is a long post, there were just a lot of little things that made me very happy.  You know how when you get new shampoo it makes you really excited to get up in the morning, it was kind of like that everyday...

I received the most amazing bangle from Mandy, along with a darling little pouch she MADE!  (So jealous of her zipper skills...)

Our foster dog George found a forever home.  We're thrilled that we were able to help save this lovable lump of a dog and that he is part of a family now.

The weather is cooling down and Dylan, Nellie and I went in search of some ducks to feed when we had some free time.  No success on luring ducks to us but it was wonderful nevertheless.

I wore my cute new t-shirt designed by my friend Alisa.

We went to an incredibly fun wedding last night.  Check out the invitations designed by the bride, Jody!

Also - I started my piles for my yard sale in a couple of weeks, and designed some great business cards that I'll be sharing in the coming days.  But I'll leave you with this humungous bunch of furry love I met yesterday.  Daisy the donkey.

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