Wednesday, August 31, 2011

observations from my 26th year.

I'm still uncertain as to where the last month went, let alone the past year, and I'm wondering ten or twenty years from now what will I remember from my 26th year?  All consumed by work and Dylan's new law school venture, did I miss something else I was supposed to do at this age?  

Here's my re-cap, mainly to catch myself back up with the past 365 days or so.  
  • Bought a 50lb bag of bread flower and it's almost gone 
  • Created more designs than ever before, both for my full-time gig and other freelance projects  
  • Traveled to Colorado, Washington D.C., North Carolina, Kentucky and I jetted off solo to Florida for Chelsea's 25th!
  • Downhill and cross-country skied up north, around SE Michigan and for the first time out west
  • Spent Christmas just the two of us at home with the biggest real tree we've ever had
  • Attended the Ann Arbor Folk Festival
  • Dylan left the hospitality world and jumped head first into a full-time law career
  • Started a globe collection
  • Camped on Lake Superior
As for the year to come, I'm taking the list down.  I'm not feeling motivated by it, just downtrodden by what I didn't accomplish.  I say this a lot, but "we'll see."  

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Mandy said...

Wow, what a busy year for you (both)! And oh how you've read my mind about my 26th year too...and my 25th and my 24th...and, uh, even my 23rd? The days seem so long sometimes, and the years much too short.

Oh, and who says you MUST complete your list in 1001 days anyway? Your list is a great one! Take your time to complete it so it doesn't feel like such a whirlwind -- find the pleasure in the present. Mmmm, yummy cake.


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