Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A New Workspace Place

It's taken me about two weeks to get this all put together with only being able to put one coat of polyurethane on a night and waiting for the top to set completely before I start piling things on it.  But it's ready for it's unveiling... my new studio/workspace/desk.

It started with a lot of DIY inspiration:

1. Manhattan Nest / 2. Young House Love / 3. Camillestyles / 4. Workalicious / 5. Katherine Martensen-Larsen / 6. Lovenordic Design Blog

And ended with one very successful, budget-friendly home project:
Inspiring, right?
Here's the breakdown:

  • Repurposed Kitchen Cabinets - $42
  • MDF for Desk Top - $80
  • Hardware - $18
  • Steel Edging - $15
  • A New Can of Kilz - $7
Total for gigantic addition of workspace to our home: $162
(I used left-over paint for the cabinets and surface.  Also not counting the sweet jig saw I bought because I'll get to use that again.  Soon hopefully!)
Check out the lake view!


Mandy said...

Ohhhh, love this! You're so good at re-vamping spaces! Please tell me that amazing chair swivels...

Jody Kirklin said...

Excellent job, well done!! It's better then I even thought it would be. I absolutely need that chair!!

Anonymous said...

We JUST did something similar in our office! Great job, and killer price!

Unknown said...

Thanks guys! And yes, Mandy, the crazy mod chair swivels. :)

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