Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Great Source for More DIY and Papercrafting

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So my post on terrariums is blowing up thanks to Pinterest!  (If you're a referral from there, let me just say HI! It's nice to meet you.)  As I brainstorm loads more DIY stuff to launch in 2012 I wanted to show you another great resource for projects that I contribute to - The Colorbok Studio Blog.  
The image above is a round-up of six of the crafty projects I've made over there, but trust me, there are tons more by a lot of other talented folks that I work with everyday. SERIOUSLY TALENTED WOMEN UP IN MICHIGAN! (to name a few: Maria Filar, Rebecca Bischoff, Alisa Bobzien, Jody Kirklin, Catherine Gruntman, Laura Mayes and Janet Dunn)


Rebecca said...

The scrapbook page you designed with the stitched flags (upper left) was one of my favorites! I'm looking forward to seeing more projects on your blog this year.

Alisa Bobzien said...

Thanks for the link love Brittany! I agree, Michigan has some crazy good design girl-power.

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