Sunday, February 5, 2012


I'm busy working on 30 pieces of art!  Another lofty goal you ask?  Nope, it's a strict assignment I've signed myself up for.  The Ann Arbor Art Center's fundraiser 30x30 is March 24 and I'll be exhibiting and selling 30 - 9"x9" encaustic mixed media pieces of art.  Remember that workshop I took back in 2010?  (Here's the post.)  Well I'm finally taking the techniques I learned and making art...and I'm loving every second of it!!  So nice to get off this contraption and use my hands to mold some compositions that I can't use Ctrl+Z on.  (That's the Undo key command for anyone in the dark ages.)

Here's a sneak peak of the style of pieces I'm focusing on:
I'll be sure to post my complete artist statement as soon as extract it from my head and make it comprehendible.

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Alisa Bobzien said...

This looks sweet, as does your blog design updates. Killin it!

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