Monday, February 27, 2012

Digging a Little Deeper

In my artist statement for my 30x30 series I talk about buildings and their contents, and how that inspired my art - not just the physical objects, but the floating, unseen stories, songs, laughter and tears that the walls have witnessed.  Although many of the buildings I am recreating in my encaustic pieces are real places, the patterns and representative writings layered into each piece are fictional.  It's meant to symbolize the act of contemplating what was within.  In a few instances the houses are places I have explored or that have significance in my life.  One instance is a little a-frame in Columbus, Michigan that holds a whole lot of memories. 

Here's a mini photo introduction to my late Grandma Carol's a-frame, which I swear I can remember every inch of.  Besides the two houses I was raised in, it is the only other house that I have the ability to conjure every wall, the smells, sounds and textures.  Now you know why I love a-frames so much, and yes, that's an a-frame garage next to it... swoon. (I'll post some more sneak peeks of art later this week, stay tuned.)

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