Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend Project #2 - Ottoman

We've had this Ikea Klubbo coffee table for about 6 years, and while it's definitely serving it's purpose, survived 3 moves and still "goes" with our decor for the most part, I'm tired of it.  I've always wanted an ottoman to put my feet up on and often gush over bold patterned ones in West Elm, HomeGoods and Urban Outfitters.  As soon as I saw this tutorial on Design*Sponge I knew it was meant to be. VERY beginner friendly with all the photos and step-by-step instructions!  Thanks again to Young House Love for inspiring Pinterest Challenges that I can get on board!

Fast forward to President's Day sale at JoAnns = 50% off foam and fabric! I swear I had already spent 5 hours online looking at fabrics and couldn't decide.  Then I walked in that Sunday and found this Peony Coral outdoor upholstery fabric by DwellStudio in the perfect color and bold pattern.  Let's say love at first sight just to dramatize the oohing and ahhing that occurred in the fabric aisle...

Pinspiration for my project:

Supplies:  2 yds of fabric, 4in foam, 8 yds 5/32" welt cord, hi-loft batting, coordinating thread, spray adhesive, staple gun, staples, yardstick or t-square, pins, scissors and sewing machine.

The total for the supplies was about $80.  Not including the coffee table.  (I'm telling you, that foam is expensive and alone would have cost me $64.00 if it hadn't been 50% off that day I went into JoAnns!)

Here's the general process.  Be sure to check out that Design*Sponge tutorial for the details!

Before, Ikea Klubbo Coffee Table:

Took off the legs and used spray adhesive to stick 4 inch thick foam onto the top.  The lady at the cutting counter at JoAnns was super nice and cut it right to the size I needed!

We don't have saw horses or anything fancy like that at our house... two chairs propped up the top so I could put the batting over the foam to cut it to size.  I stapled that down at the bottom of the sides.

Then I cut out the fabric pieces for the top and sides and created the cording.  I got by without changing the foot on my sewing machine, but I'm sure a welt cording foot would make it a bit easier!

I pinned and sewed the cording onto the top...

...And then pinned and sewed the sides onto the cording/top.

Then I slipped the completed cover over the batting covered foam tabletop.

Next, I flipped it over and stapled the fabric to the bottom of the table.

I skipped the last step of adding the additional line of cording around the bottom of the table's edge before putting it back on it's legs.  I didn't have quite enough to go all the way around and my staple gun was a little finicky so it was going to be really challenging to get the cording just right along the edge. But I really like the results anyhow.

And here is the revived coffee table/ottoman in it's new home:

I'm super excited to start my next upholstery project - a desk chair that I scored some really pretty seafoam-y, sage-ish colored fabric for $4.50 a yard!  Better let my sewing machine cool off for a few days and get back to 30x30.


Debbie @ OtRD said...

Your ottoman turned out great! What great inspiration!! Love the fabric you used too!

Amanda said...

Just popping over from the Pinterest Challenge.

Wow! That looks fantastic! I need to do this with my IKEA table :)

Brittany (Two if by Sea Studios) said...

Thanks Ladies! It was a great way to freshen up a piece I was bored with and a real challenge for my sewing skills.

Melanie @ Mailbox Journey said...

that turned out great! awesome job.

Jessica @ The Desert Abode said...

I don't have a coffee table, but I kind of want to buy one so I can do this project (ha-ha). :)

Econicho said...

Amazing job! That does not look homemade at all.

Crystal ( said...

This looks great! Love that you went the extra mile with the piping. Visiting from YHL Pinterest challenge.

The Adventures Ashley said...

you did a great job! thanks for the inspiration!

Emily B said...

The fabric you picked is so pretty! The ottoman turned out great. I think I might try to do the same with a side table I got at Ikea.

~em at small girl, big world

Anonymous said...

Wow this seriously looks professional! Way to go! :)

xo Catharine @ Your Modern Couple

Britty said...

This came out so cute! I love how it turned out, and that fabric is adorable!!!

Carrie Mather said...

Wow looks so good! :D

Loving your blog, can't wait to read more!

Michele said...

I've been looking a loooong time for the perfect coffee table. Now I know why I wasn't find one...I need a large ottoman instead.

LOVE this!

Brittany (Two if by Sea Studios) said...

Be sure to post pictures or shoot me an email if you make your own ottoman! I'd love to see how other's turn out!

Thanks again for reading,

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