Monday, August 6, 2012

House to Loft

Here are a few shots of our new loft in all it's messy glory.  We're still editing our furniture, trying to decide what should stay and what should go, but all in all we're enjoying great views of the Detroit River, urban living and learning to love 6 flights of stairs 6 times a day.

Things I'm going to miss about having a house:

  • We could be as loud as we want, often singing our own silly tunes or Dylan practicing some rifts on the guitar
  • Lots of parking for get-togethers
  • Drying my sheets on the clothesline
  • Growing my own veggies every summer
  • Letting Nellie out the back door
  • Watching snow gather on the skylights

Things I'm not going to miss:

  • Worrying about neglecting the yard
  • Cleaning a 2nd bathroom and 3rd bedroom
  • Acquiring things just to fill the space
  • Driving 15 - 20 minutes for most things

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