Thursday, February 28, 2013

Insta-Life / January & February 2013

We moved on December 31. Yes, again. We are still in Detroit, just a much better situation.

Here is the breakdown of life since then. I've had the Eagles song, "Life's Been Good," stuck in my head for weeks. I swear our leaky, kitchen faucet was dripping to the tune of the intro. I must say, that is a pretty accurate theme song to the last couple of months though!

Winter, hockey, Kentucky, Grand Rapids, symphony, avocados and all in all, some GREAT friends! 

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ABpetite said...

Hey cute girl! Found you from Kelly’s blog @ Eat Yourself Skinny & couldn’t help but say hi! Great blog you have here keep up the fantastic work. I am so happy to meet you and I can’t wait to follow along. Come say hi anytime if you like. I am having two fun giveaways if you want to enter to win.
Your newest fan!

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