Thursday, January 2, 2014

Detroit : Destination 2014

Beyond the typical resolutions of personal and professional goals, I begin each new year thinking about destinations for upcoming adventures. Peru, Scandinavia, Russia and Thailand are topping our list currently. 

This year I encourage you to do the same and consider adding Detroit to your list!

On July 18, my 29th birthday, Detroit filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy. With this came a slew of international press, filled with both positive and negative predictions. After spending 18 months here walking and biking the city and witnessing the opening of countless restaurants, new shops and a Whole Foods, the transition of Belle Isle to a State Park, the purchase of the Packard Plant, the Winter Classic festivities at Comerica park, and the expansion of the RiverWalk, just to name a few highlights – I'm not only hopeful as to what 2014 will bring, but excited!

If you are coming to Detroit in 2014 I have a few starting suggestions for neighborhoods to explore and landmarks to visit. 

Featured in the image above from top to bottom:
E: Pallister Park (Park near here and stroll down the pedestrian-only street on your way to the Fisher Building.)
I: West Village and Detroit Vegan Soul (My current pick for lunch!)
T: The Fisher Building - Another awe-inspiring piece of architecture filled with art deco mosaics and frescoes.

Feel free to contact me if you are looking for more suggestions, these are just A FEW of my favorites!

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