Monday, February 24, 2014

Be Positive and Patient

I'll admit it, this winter has been long. Especially when you're living in an urban setting with a dog. Those 6:00 AM walks around the block with Nellie can really test my love for the cold seasons some days. When the wind is whipping from the west, the trash can around the corner seems like summiting Mount Everest.

Eyes watering under my glasses, hat pulled down to the top of the rims and my unlaced L.L. Bean boots clomping across the icy sidewalks – it can be miserable, but....

Dylan and I both LOVE winter activities! Everyone gets on my case because I wish for snow and more snow.  Another mantra this winter for both work and life has been "Be Positive and Patient" as the title of this post states. From prepping for Surtex to surviving the polar votex, it has got me through some challenging days of doubting my abilities, patience and priorities.

Cross country skiing, ice skating, hikes in the woods, pond hockey and most recently ice climbing all provide escapes from just enduring the winter – instead be positive and enjoy what it has to offer. Maybe some of these photos can convince you of the beauty and pastimes that lure us outside even on the chilliest of days.

So put on some long underwear, grab some hand warmers and enjoy the winter months. They are magical and fleeting.

The ice storm that through some major wrenches in our holiday plans was breathtaking.
A weekend in the Upper Peninsula cross country skiing at Tahquamenon Falls.

Cross country skiing on Belle Isle in Detroit and hiking with Haley at one of the Ann Arbor area metro parks.
Michigan Pond Hockey tournament on Whitmore Lake and ice skating at Clark Park in Detroit.

Ice climbing at Peabody Ice Climbing Club in Fenton.


Katie said...

Winter queen and king. xo

Mandy said...

So glad I'm not alone marveling this winter -- finally, a real one! Snow shoeing and ice fishing has been the most fun around here! And then curling up with a good book (and a warm little kid or two) and a cup of tea...

Sending Eskimo kisses your way!

p.s. Charlotte just turned 5 -- can you believe it!

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