Friday, May 16, 2014

A Thank You (& DIY)

Haley and I needed to create some extra special thank you notes for all the kind folks that donated to our Bowl for Kids Sake fundraising team. So I printed out a thin, faint circle with the message in the middle on my cheapie home printer, trimmed them to size and we got to work. (You could also just use a pencil and trace something round in the center of a pre-made card!)

Using a few still surviving Prismacolor art markers from my art school days we dotted away at the local library so we could spread out. Filling the white space with multi-colored dots in different patterns and shapes had a very modern feel. After the fact, it seemed so easy, but the results were super creative and fun so I thought I'd share!

Haley and I have been matched through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Washtenaw County for FIVE YEARS next month! It's hard to explain how much she has taught me, the different perspectives on life she lends me, and the immense amount of joy I have as I watch her grow into a teenager. Haley has always called me "Sister," rather than "Brittany," and there isn't an occasion when I see her that I don't realize how important we are to each other beyond being just a mentor and kid; how our common love of animals, getting down and dirty with paints and projects, the outdoors, and more recently, shopping, :) makes us a perfect match. So, thank you not only to our supporters, but to Haley.

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