Friday, June 20, 2014

Balcony Garden : June

I've realized this small balcony gets pretty windy, but I knew it gets some killer afternoon sun all summer long so I decided to employ these awesome planters from Target that attach to the railings! In went basil and tomatoes, then I found more planters and increased the number to 8, including chives and a jalapeño plant.

I can't find these planters online, only in stores. There are some similar, but much more expensive options online. (I think at Target they were only $4 each!)

Everything is just bursting with blooms and new growth! I hope the planters are going to be big enough and the zip ties that hold them on strong enough... It's all an experiment, which is fun. I'm also discovering growing in a small space in planters is much more enjoyable than battling weeds and critters in my larger garden. I'm partially crediting the soil from Detroit Farm & Garden for how amazing these plants are coming along!

Use What You've Got: I stowed away two glass milk bottles over the winter for using as vases, but they are coming in handy as my watering cans. Leftover pepper plant seeds from years ago have sprouted into a side garden, I better find something bigger to transplant them into soon!

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Unknown said...

I LOVE those planters. I bought 2 last year and they were perfect. I'm hunting for them again this year because they worked so well for my tiny little metal balcony rails, but they are nowhere to be seen!

If you find them anywhere this season please post!

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