Thursday, December 4, 2014

Montana & Glacier National Park

In late September, Dylan and I determined we could spare a week off in October and get away because we knew travel around the holidays wasn't going to be possible this year. We promptly booked tickets into Spokane, Washington with plans to visit Glacier National Park and explore Montana a bit.

After reading several articles like this one in the New York Times and other publications, warning of the possibility that Glacier National Park will be significantly affected by climate change in the coming decades, we felt an even greater sense of urgency to see the wonders of this northern U.S. region.

I think we picked the absolute best time to visit this park! It was quiet, yet still accessible and the majesty of it no less than in the warmer months. I'll let the photos speak for themselves, but I should note that we had planned to do some intense day hiking and due to a hockey injury just a couple weeks prior to taking off we had to stay mainly on the roads. We thought this may put a real damper on what we were able to see and experience, but it didn't. I look forward to a return trip in the future to dive deeper into this amazing place and perhaps do some camping.

most memorable meal : pescado blanco in whitefish, mt... so, so, so good!

where we stayed: columbia falls, montana in the most awesome airbnb with a great host, brian

the thing that got our blood flowing: a full day fly fishing with rob of lakestream outfitters

my overall favorite moment: waking up our last day to see everything blanketed with a layer of glittering frost as the sun came up and the fog lowering and lifting, but in a close second was setting up our hammock on the shore of kintla lake

unique sounds: the neighbors donkey braying in the morning when being fed, the glacier-fed rivers running steadily and the fly fishing line snapping above our heads

our airbnb for the week - wood stove heated and perfectly located

For more photos, check out my Instagram feed!

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Mandy said...

Beautiful! So glad you two are always up to something fun! Xoxo

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