Friday, March 13, 2015

Bookshelf + Chasing Paper Wallpaper DIY

It's been a while since I posted a furniture or "before & after" DIY project, but spring has sprung here in Michigan and there is nothing like a growing to-do list to get me outside. As I posted on my Instagram, 50º means throw your socks by the wayside and spray paint outside.

I bought this little bookcase for extra storage on Craigslist a couple of years ago with the intention of doing something fun with it someday like painting the inside a bold color or using some kind of material to cover it, etc. (It's little sister, Ms. Record Cabinet, got a new life a while back and you can see her enjoying the sunshine in the original post here.)

 Finally, this past fall the perfect pattern came along to spruce it up. Yep, that is kind of a pun, as you'll see further down. In case you weren't aware, I design surface patterns for various products and one of the most exciting partnerships of this past year was with the wallpaper company Chasing Paper! I designed four patterns for them and they were kind enough to send me extra samples of my favorite, Ever-so-Green, for this special project. Now, this isn't just any ol' wallpaper. It's self-adhesive, removable and reposition-able! The quality is so nice, I can't say enough good things about it and would not hesitate to cover an entire room in it.

This bookcase has become our landing strip and lives directly next to our front door so it's definitely front and center. This little refresh makes that sunny spot just a little more appealing and I just love the bright interior now. Back up... yes, we're in a new home now. In January Dylan, Nellie and I moved into a very cabin-like little house in a community between Ann Arbor and Detroit called Plymouth. We're settling into this space, which is so cozily off the beaten path and surrounded by trees and wood paneling! See the theme?

Below are some photos of the steps I took to complete this project. I decided to spray the interior of the bookcase white with Rust-oleum Paint &  Primer, first to cover the shelves and make them all clean looking and second, to create a nice smooth surface for the wallpaper to stick to. I decided to leave the exterior that retro light wood color and gave the legs a fresh coat of paint.

Then after measuring the interior spaces I wanted to cover I determined the sizes of the pieces I would need and also where the seam would be on the back piece and used a ruler and X-Acto knife to cut them. Then, one at a time, I stuck them in place. The beauty with the Chasing Paper product is that I could stick it down, peel it up, stick it down again, etc. It never lost it's stickiness!

Sidenote: no, this isn't a perfectly styled bookcase because we use all of our spaces to store things. We've only got 800 sq ft here, people, and no garage – so yes the boxes of hats and mittens need to go there. Don't judge me! :)


Maria Filar said...

Looks great! I wanna see the whole place!!

mandy said...

So perfect! Look that design. Own the mitten box, I say. At least you're not crowding the decanters! :)

Yelle said...

this came out so great! that patterned paper is lovely. and no judgement on the box of hats and mittens! it's gotta go somewhere! xo

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