Friday, April 17, 2015

Terrarium Instructions 2.0 (In 1 Hour or Less!)

Chances are you've stumbled upon this blog because of my first iteration of these terrariums from 2011! It was such a surreal experience seeing them gain momentum as Pinterest transitioned from a beta site to a full blown worldwide influencer. The post has brought over a million people to this site, so I thought it only fair that I give a bit of an update on my terrariums nearly three and a half years and three moves later. So here it is, Terrariums 2.0.

These are my 3.5 year old dirty, half-alive terrariums...
I hadn't repotted the terrariums at all until this point, so it's amazing anything was still alive, but there was! The first time I hadn't used horticulture charcoal because I couldn't find it. This time I ordered some from Amazon, along with small black rocks to replace the light rocks on top and really make the green plants be the focal point along with the stone collection from our travels. I've propagated quite a lot of little succulents over the years, so I didn't have to buy any new ones.

Here's a list of supplies you'll need and links to purchase some of the items on Amazon:

  • Glass Containers (my bookend fishbowls were originally from Wrapables, but I can't find them online anywhere, please comment if you track them down!)
  • Potting Soil: I used a cactus mix this time around because it's what I had handy!
  • Horticulture Charcoal
  • Succulents: I try to keep mine around 2" tall at max to start to make sure they have a little room to grow. I also only put 2-3 small ones on each side.
  • A handful of stones/pebbles for the bottom of each bowl. Mine were re-used from the last time around. I just cleaned them up before putting them back in. I also used purchased black pebbles on top to add interest and mix in with the stones from our travels.
  • Spoon: Once again I found myself using this to do most of the scooping and digging for the plants. 
The order you'll want to put the layers in is shown in the photos below: rocks, charcoal, soil, plants then decorative rocks or sculptures.

A handful of small stones or pebbles in the bottom for drainage.

2 inches of charcoal is added on top of the stones.

The amount of soil for your terrariums depends on the height of your container. I used about 4 inches.
Then in went my plants!
This is a photo of our rock collection from all of our travels: Iceland, Lake Superior, Italy, Montana, Argentina, Mongolia and more. 
The finished terrariums have found a nice sunny spot on my desk for the time being and our holding up some of my favorite books.

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Nicolas said...

There are so many beautiful pics on the internet with these terrariums. But you showed us how it's possible to do by yourself. It turns out so easy to make them! Thank you, Brittany)

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