Friday, May 1, 2015

Things That Move Me

move: to stir the emotions, feelings, or passions of

Etiquette for the Childless Friend as mentioned on The Longest Shortest Time podcast.

Have you used Apple Cider Vinegar on your hair?

Intrigued by this Unstainable White Shirt on Kickstarter. I really want the tee, but trying so hard not to buy new.

I listened to an interview with Zelda Williams on The JV Club podcast and she seems like the smartest and coolest girl ever.

This Mexican Grilled Avocado Toast has my mouth watering!

My Instagram is going to be full of things photographed on my new white marble table top. We gave our hand-me-down coffee table an upgrade with this $35 piece that I found on Craigslist last weekend. I can't believe it just happened to fit it perfectly – it was meant to be.

Have a great weekend! The temps here in southeast Michigan are going to be in the mid-70s and I can't wait to lay in the hammock and read for hours.

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