Sunday, August 23, 2015

Things That Move Me

move: to stir the emotions, feelings, or passions of

Here are a few things I've liked and loved recently:

Dylan and I are ready to share some top secret, pizza ordering/making advice. Best toppings beyond sauce and cheese: banana peppers and feta cheese. Try it and be prepared to become a believer.

The past week I've been having a Studio Sale on Instagram to clean out my workspace of random art prints and originals! Have a look, there are lots of pieces left and more coming!

This coconut pancake recipe is on my to-make list.

I set up my sewing machine Friday and made two linen pillow cases to match my beautiful Faribault Wool blanket that Dylan got me for my birthday last month. I also finally got around to making the throw pillow using my Spoonflower "Yosemite Trees and Mountains" fabric. What a great way to preserve a beautiful travel memory and remind us of everything we love when we go to bed each night.

I posted a bit of an update about my sketchbook project on my website. I'm feeling a bit lackluster about it after missing a bunch of days this month... but I know I just need to get up and start again tomorrow. Habits are hard.

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